Tuesday, January 8


Bubble Gum Crepe Dress by Gucci - £1,120.00 | Summer Flower Clip On Earrings by ASOS - £8.00 | Rosebud Lace Mini Skirt by LOVER - £420.00 | Printed Silk Chiffon Shirt by Moschino - £253.00 | Marabou Feather Bag by Topshop - £50.00

We always want what we cannot have. When the summer heat stings our subtle skin we long for the days of playing around with layers. But when the winter blues come knocking, it is the sweet embrace of spring and summer that we crave. London is sporting a very dark and gloomy tone as of late. The only way for me to survive till the sunshine reappears once again is to anticipate summer by working on my spring skin and daydreaming about the fresh florals SS13 has to bring. 

I am swooning big time over these finds. My favourite? The Tea Shirt by Moschino. 


  1. I really love the feathery bag!! Would you mind having a look at my blog and perhaps we can follow each other on gfc!! Please get in touch!! www.framecake.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That crepe dress and tea shirt is so lovely and unique!